Litewallet is the flagship mobile app from the Litecoin Foundation. We partner with commercial organizations where we are able to generate some revenue to fund more projects that promote the use of Litecoin.

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Team Effort

Litewallet only exists because of the dedication and expertise of it’s volunteers.
These Litecoin Foundation members give their time and skill to add features to Litewallet and make it more stable and useful with each release.



iOS Developer


DevOps Manager


Customer Support


SEO / Metadata Manager


Team Lead


Android Developer
Charlie Lee & Kerry Washington meetup
          in 2021

Charlie Lee & Kerry Washington
Litewallet meetup 2021


“Kerry joined the Litecoin Foundation in 2017 working on various projects and started the process of fixing bugs on Loafwallet in his spare time.

He and I have worked closely over the years improving Litewallet user experience and making it easy & simple for people to buy, transfer and use Litecoin across the globe.

Today, the Litewallet team has grown to over 6 volunteers in 5 time zones. We are excited to bring even better features with each release!”

Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin &
Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation


Litewallet has one full time team leader and a group of global volunteers. Interested in learning more about the Litecoin space while improving your knowledge of cryptocurrency?

Please reach out if you want to help people use Litecoin and Litewallet and add a valuable skill to your C.V.

Apply to volunteer by visiting the Help Center. Submit a request and make sure you include the role in the subject line.

Web Developer

Maintain and update our site and various web or html resources. Document and build a to-do-list of related css/html tasks that need updating or created.

  • English, Bilingual
  • Technical Level: Medium
  • 2 Hours/Week
Senior Android Developer

Android X comfort with junior to years of experience to review code help drive down the tech debt with moderately simple issues. Github and markdown highly desired. We use gitflow for our repo strategy. Please look at the Android repo see what you think.

  • English, Bilingual
  • Technical Level: Medium
  • 4 Hours/Week
Customer Support Manager

Handle the customer tickets regarding Litewallet. Develop a strategy to scale customer support desk considering modest resources. Experience with the Zendesk platform is desired.

  • English, Bilingual
  • Technical Level: Medium
  • 3 Hours/Week
Customer Support Representative

Open to learning the customer support cycle. Learn the tricks of the diffcult crypto world with the Zendesk tool(s)

  • English, Bilingual
  • Technical Level: Medium
  • 2 Hours/Week